Implementing the Plan No. 37/KH-DHV dated October 13rd, 2017 of the President on organizing the new academic year ceremony of 25th postgraduate course (2017-2019), the University decides to summon the participants as following: 

  1. Participants
    • Delegates (as invitation)
    • Party Committee, the University’s directorate, the President of the University Council, the Standing Committee of Trade Union, the Standing Committee of Youth Union, the president of Association Students, Head of training departments, administrative departments, training council, section chiefs and lecturers
    • Student management assistant of training departments and institutions, officials of Postgraduate Studies Department and Student Affairs Department
    • 25th course postgraduate students (2017)
  2. Time

    8.00am October 27th 2017

  3. Location

Hall A, Vinh University

The University requires Head of departments to inform the participants to come on time.