Implementing the academic year 2017-2018 program, the University decides to organize the new academic year ceremony of 25th postgraduate course 2017 on October 27th , 2017. In order to have a solemn, impressive ceremony , Vinh University build a plan as following:

  1. Purpose and requirement

    The new academic year ceremony of 25th postgraduate course 2017 is an important ceremony that is organized to create an exciting atmosphere, encourage learning and training movement for 25th course postgraduate students.

  2. Content

    The new academic year ceremony of 25th postgraduate course in 2017

  3. Time and location
  • Time: 8.00am, October 27th , 2017
  • Location: Hall A, Vinh University

         182 Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province

    1. Participants
  • Party Committee, the University’s directorate, the President of the University Council, the Standing Committee of Trade Union, the Standing Committee of Youth Union, the president of Association Students, Head of training departments, administrative departments, training council, section chiefs and lecturers
  • Student management assistant of training departments and institutions, officials of Postgraduate Studies Department and Student Affairs Department
  • 25th course postgraduate students (2017)
    1. Task assignment
  1. Department of Student Affairs
  • Planning the ceremony
  • Decorating the stage, propagandizing the ceremony.
  • Making the slide show the information about the ceremony
  • Arranging the seats for delegates and students
  • Building the expense estimation for the ceremony
  • Taking pictures and writing an article about the ceremony
  1. Department of Postgraduate Studies
  • Announcement of the selected decision  of 25th course postgraduate students in 2017
  • Selecting the typical postgraduate student to speak at the ceremony; reviewing the speech
  1. Youth Union and Student Association
  • Preparing art performances for the ceremony
  • Preparing reception and uniforms
  1. Department of Management and Investment
  • Preparing audio and lights in order to serve the ceremony
  • Ensuring environmental sanitation for the ceremony
  1. Department of Administrative Affairs
  • Preparation of drinks, decorative flowers and gifts
  • Preparing a speech for the President
  • Inviting news agencies to inform the ceremony
  • Mobilizing the youth team in order to serve the ceremony
  1. Department of Planning and Finance
  • Guiding the payment procedures and allocating the funds for the ceremony after being approved by the University’s directorate
  1. Training departments/institutions
  • Informing all participants of departments/institutions to attend the ceremony
  • Informing all 25th course postgraduate students to attend the ceremony
  • Management, attendance, support to the ceremony.
  1. Responsibility of 25th course postgraduate students
  • From 7am to 7.45am on October 27th, 2017: postgraduate students attend at Hall A to stabilize the organization. For students who come after 7.45am will not allowed to attend the ceremony
  • To ensure the solemnity of the ceremony, students are required to seat in the hall until the ceremony is finished.

The University requires the related units and individuals to implement the above contents so that the ceremony could be organized successfully.